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I’ve been tossing around my ideas for writing for Speak out with your Geek out.

And honestly, the only thing that comes to mind? poetry. Which is, in all fairness, fairly geeky to me. And since it’s been a while since I posted a freeverse… I’m just riffing on a bunch of things I’ve been told over the years, stereotype or otherwise. And it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. But hey… sometimes that’s me too.


Say What?

You laugh and say I live in a world
of fantasy and I ask you what is more
realistic – a land of elves and fairies
or a land where people say one thing

and do another. Which is more honest?
Me, pretending to be an armless fairy
in a game or you, telling your girlfriend
you love her via phone while you roll your

eyes? Yes, I wear big glasses. Yes, I’m
clumsy. I’m not a barbie doll – think more
50s era girl with a different mentality
about many, many things. Like it’s -really-

awesome for girls to play video games.
(I’m fairly sure the game companies have this
figured out – I don’t see too many guys
running around with pink 360 controllers and

rose coloured DSes. Okay, I fit that stereotype.
Sue me. I love pink.) Yes, dear, I DID play
Counterstrike on PC. Dirty rotten camper?
(de_dust and cs_office were my faves)

Oh, I can’t possibly care what’s under the hood?
Did you know my dream car is a 67 Shelby?
Did you know I HAVE a dream car? A girl can’t watch auto
racing? and like sports? Pardon me, I need to laugh.

After all, no girl could sit through game
after game after game week in and out
and care beyond “omg, they look good in their
uniforms.” (That’s just an added bonus!)

Please note my sarcasm on the topic. Would
you care to comment on the state of the financial
situation of the club? or perhaps on the
fluidity of the defense in the latest match?

Switching topics – yes, I know all the words
to the songs I’m hearing. yes, I may have
sold merch before. Once or dozens of times.
Did you just seriously ask if I fuck them?

Honey, i work with the bands, not on them.
Not everyone is a stereotype. Many of us ignored
“you can’t” and went straight to “watch me do this”
because of people like you ….

Maybe one day, they’ll make the molds
out of us instead of trying to fit us
into them. Who knows? In the meantime,
care to play a game?


Please note.. this is just me sitting here, rambling about things I swear I’ve heard in the past 5 or so years off and on. Not PC, it just is what it is. If you’re offended by it, I don’t mean to offend anyone. But I hope that it makes people realize that it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy, you can be interested and love and, in fact, geek out, over virtually anything.

And it’s okay. In my world, at least, it’s encouraged. I encourage anyone who read this, even if you think the poem was awful, to be yourself. It’s always best to be yourself. It’s never any good to be anyone else.


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I’ve played one MMO in my entire lifetime – Final Fantasy XI since 2004. In that time, I’ve seen the game develop, age, mature, the players demature/become more immature, etc. I am still contemplating a post about it for this month’s theme.

Back in 07/08, a friend of mine from FFXI told me about a game she was working on. It was set in Medieval Rome. Okay, that’s all she really needed to say, because being the history nut I am, I wanted to join.

Fast forward a bit, and the project goes away. My friend is out of a job. 😦 Which sucks. Sucks more for her, and I can’t lie that I was a bit disappointed that the game wasn’t coming out. I promptly just chalked it up to crappy circumstances.

Then in late fall last year, I got an email about this game that sounded REALLY REALLY FAMILIAR. Holy crap, it’s the same game. Well.. different company, but same game, within reason. And I joined immediately as a Closed Beta tester.

I wasn’t able to play a lot, but whenever I was, I really enjoyed it. Sure, there were bugs, but that’s what I expect in a beta. It was a lot of fun to be able to just run around, pet cats, and stare at the beautiful graphics within the game. (seriously, I kept forgetting to level because the game was just so PRETTY.)

They changed the way Beta went down, and I was able to enter a haiku contest on Facebook and get an unlimited CB key to play all the time. Which was nice, since my playtime was pretty erratic.

Towards the end of February, they were offering up a chance to go down, visit the new Game Developer, and cover the game for a magazine. Well.. Hi. I like to write. I like video games. So I entered the contest and promptly forgot about it (see a trend?). I didn’t expect to win – no one expects to win, really – and I continued playing the game.

Time passed, and in the middle of April, I got an email saying “Congrats! You won. No. Really. You won. We’ll set up the trip.” I shot out of my chair like a rocket and went screaming through the house.

(I wrote a blog post about my randomly winning contests a while back)

In May, I went down to Austin for the first time in years (last time I was back was for SXSW, which is a whole other entity). And, quite literally, I met some of the coolest people out there currently that are making video games if not some of the coolest people -ever-. I felt like I was really shown everything about the game – they let me sit in on meetings, I got to ask questions about EVERYTHING I wanted to (from the inane – cats – to certain statistics that will be coming out in my piece forthcoming), I got to go to team Happy Hour(s), eat a ton of good food (more sweet potato fries please), and just really, seriously, had a great experience, which wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t such awesome people.

I wrote up my story (which should come out soon, and of course I will have a link when it finally comes out) about my experiences, about meeting the amazing staff of Heatwave Interactive, and, quite honestly, how excited I was to play this game when it finally released. I haven’t been -this excited- for a video game in years. (Despite loving video games, I don’t really play a lot of them and I don’t own a lot of them. Owning a lot of games = quite a bit of money that I don’t have.)

I pre-ordered it, have played open beta, headstart and..

Today the game comes out.

So if you’re at all interested in playing a game where the staff cares enough to treat you like a human being, take your suggestions into account, and hey – the CEO himself apologizes when the servers are down – come on, when’s the last time you saw a game company (or hell, most companies) give this kind of service?

I guess you could call me a fangirl at this point of this game, but having met a lot of the staff, I really believe in these guys. They have the capability to do amazing things, and this is just the first of many projects for this amazing team, I’m sure of it. As much as I love this game, I have fun playing it, and it is a blast, I love knowing that if something messes up that it will be fixed. I’m willing to do whatever it takes for them to help them succeed. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way about a company. It’s something that I’ll never forget – their kindness, generosity, and open door policy has been something that I feel sets them apart from the rest. It’s well worth the $50 + whatever kind of subscription fee plan you choose to support a company like this so they can continue to knock it out of the park.

I hope to see you all in game! I’m on the Bacchus server currently. Let me know if you sign up! You can buy it from Amazon, Gamestop, Steam, D2D, and many other retailers.

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Since it’s official now, I can “officially” state that I am now part of a panel at Anime Central/ACEN 2011! I’m so excited, though, really. The main person that runs it is someone I used to do things with on Seraph, when I was there (Catwho), and I haven’t yet met the FF14 panelist. I’m glad we got accepted because I think there will be some really fun things to talk about.

Right! details. The panel I am on is called the “Final Fantasy MMORPG Panel” and is tentatively held at 6pm-8pm on Saturday in Salon II.

Which apparently seats 400 people.

Have I mentioned my horrendous stutter and my quite possible stage fright?


Remember about those things that I talk about called challenging yourself all the time? This one oughta be a blast.

However, that means I need to start making more time than I have lately to play FFXI! 😀 Somewhat sarcastic.. somewhat not.

Also, I’ll be dressed as Miwako from Paradise Kiss! 😀

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