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I keep listing things on Freecycle and no one is wanting them, but I did get a reply from someone looking for baby clothes and items, so I quickly did one of the cleaning jobs on my list, and went through some of the clothes that the kid has outgrown and came up with another full box of things. I put all the stuff outside for them and got an email later that it’s exactly the size and type of thing they needed, and it makes me very happy to know that not only did I get rid of things that were cluttering up the place, someone else can actually *use* them, which is just wonderful.

There were a lot more than 15 items but since my post didn’t shoot off yesterday for some reason, I figured I’d do a combined one this morning.

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Misleading title, kind of. I have been going through all my drawers and trying to make room. I was a really bad bath and body / beauty supply hoarder; in fact I had so much shampoo it would fill up a 28g rubbermaid container. Along the few years it’s also gathered up some other crap, that I was just too lazy to go through.

Since I was cleaning out the drawers in my plastic storage, i was able to transfer all my shampoo etc into the empty drawer and I no longer have an extra Rubbermaid container full of beauty stuff. This is pretty huge for me.

I either added or threw out 11 things from the drawers/container today. And more importantly I just gained more space.

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