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This musical needs to be revived.

It’s about people in their ordinary jobs. It gives them a chance to be extraordinary.

I can’t express how much this musical needs to be revived. I win the lottery, I’ll figure out a way for this to happen.

It’s based off of a book called “Working”, by Studs Terkel. Amazing book. I think it should be required reading for everyone.. especially government workers.

It’s my favorite musical. The song I’ve linked below sounds different in the musical version, but it is the essential same song. (most of the YouTube versions, to me, are terrible.) Also, the French verse is just awesome.

If I were given the option to sing one song, on Broadway, to a packed house, it’d be Millwork.


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Nuno Miguel Soares Pereira Ribeiro, born July 5, 1976. The fans know and love him as the one and only Nuno Gomes.

He played for Portugal in U16, 17, 20, and 21s, as well as for the national team starting in 1996. Professionally, he started in 1994 in Boavista at age 18. Ironically, his first ever trophy came in 1997 as Boavista beat his future team, Sport Lisboa e Benfica. He then transferred in 1997 to Benfica, where he played for 3 years. Because of Euro 2000 (and the way Portugal football is) he made the transfer to ACF Fiorentina. In 2002, due to money issues in Italy, he found himself back home, in Lisbon, at the Estádio da Luz.

He’s been plagued by injuries throughout his career, but he’s still been a key player for Benfica. He was made team captain over Rui Costa in the 2006-2007 season, and every time he took the pitch, he had the armband. He was the Seleccao captain for 2007-2008, eventually succeeded by Cristiano Ronaldo.

When Benfica started signing strikers left and right, he eventually lost a starting position and was put back on reserves for the last 2010-11 season. It’s been evident for many fans that the writing was on the wall for him, but I was hoping just one more year. Unfortunately that has not come to pass.

The man played 52 minutes in 5 games this year and scored FOUR goals.

(information shamelessly borrowed from here)


Today, in a statement made to the press via his official website (Portuguese link here | translation here)

“Today, I was informed definitively that Benfica have decided not to renew my contract. It’s a technical option that I respect, and I will always respect, whether or not I agree with it. From this moment onwards I am free to analyse proposals and to choose my future.

“I say goodbye to Benfica, wishing them all the luck in the world and in the certainty that I gave everything for this shirt on and off the pitch. I would have liked to say goodbye to the fans on the field to thank them for everything they have given me but I will find another way of doing so. Thank you for everything. A strong embrace. Nuno Gomes.”

“Benfica also made a point of publicly thanking the striker, who scored 166 goals in 401 games for the Lisbon club, releasing a statement that read:

“Benfica thanks Nuno Gomes for his career, his work and his dedication at the club. Benfica wishes him the best of sporting success, and makes it clear that the doors of this house are always open for when he decides to end his playing career.” ”


We won’t even get into how sad I am that Benfica has decided to move this way. They are obviously out of touch with their fans this transfer season – from my standpoint…. There is someone in higher than pitch level that does not want to see Nuno end his playing career at Benfica.

Nuno wants to play another year so he can attempt to qualify for the Selecção in Euro 2012 – WHICH HE SHOULD BE, ARE YOU LISTENING PAULO BENTO????? He is 10th all time for appearances with the National Team, and 4th on the all time goal list (Cristiano is 5th, and Helder Postiga is 10th. No one else is currently active)

The only solace I have is knowing whatever club picks him up, he should get more playtime than he had last year. And whatever team picks him up, I’ll be watching.

FPF Vice President had some nice things to say about him in this article.

He is now being linked with EVERYONE: MLS (Toronto, San Jose, Revolution)…. Italy… Germany… but my bet’s on him staying in Portugal. Braga is sniffing heavily. He’s stated he does not want to play for anyone but Boavista and Benfica in Portugal, but since Benfica is out … who knows? If he wants to make Euro 2012 he needs to be put on the pitch, often, and allowed his chance to shine yet again. And I hope that will happen. And I’ll be watching.


The man is perfection in a uniform. He is without a doubt the one footballer I want to meet and thank for being such an inspiration to so many people. If you ask my favorite footballers, next to Eusébio, it’s probably Nuno Gomes.

Some quick stats from Record (and you don’t need to know Portuguese to understand them):

2 Ligas portuguesas (2004/05 e 2009/2010 – Benfica)
2 Taças de Portugal (1996/97 Boavista e 2003/04 Benfica)
1 Taça de Itália (2000/01 Fiorentina)
1 Supertaça de Portugal (2005/06 Benfica)
3 Taças da Liga (2008/09, 2009/10 e 2010/11 Benfica)

Jogos oficiais – 637
Golos em jogos oficiais – 246


Video time:

From 2009, at the Luz:

Some highlights of the year:

After coming back from knee surgery that effectively took him out of any Europa League play (and, arguably, had a definite impact on Benfica as well in the tournament), to see him put on the armband and take the field for his (as it’s come to pass) final Benfica match, I was quite literally crying when I watched this.

Some amazing video of the man and the legend, forever in my heart, forever my Captain, your faves could, would and will never: Nuno Gomes.


And come on, who else would have a video dedicated to him by Nani himself?

Also, Nuno’s a huge goofball:

There’s a 45 minute video floating around the internet of a television show he did. It’s hysterical, awesome, and the outtakes will make you cry with laughter. I’ll find it.

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This came across my email a few days ago, and I think this has a lot of potential to me. Not that I don’t have a ton to write about already, but sometimes I need to not feel pressured to make something “absolutely amazing and stellar.”


A message to all members of NaBloPoMo

Hi bloggers,

June’s theme for daily blogging: FAN. There are the physical ones, the symbol of summer in the northern hemisphere. I’m sitting across from one right now, and it’s cooling down the room. There are the handheld ones that women demurely shake in front of their face. There are the human ones — the fans we see at sporting events or the fans we see in our comment section. There are the times it comes tucked into a word… such as “fantastic.”


So, 30 days of things I’m a fan of. You ready for this? Some of them will startle you. 🙂

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If all goes to plan, this will go to post as I am waiting in the airport waiting to go to Chicago.

I get to see my friend Jen, who I don’t think I’ve seen in at least 9 years. I get to meet my friend Sarah who I have known for several. I HOPEFULLY will get to meet my friend Drew, his wife, and newborn daughter after… years and years, we’ve known each other via Dave Matthews and Warehouse.

Wednesday night I get to go embarrass myself while playing Rock Band at Jen’s work.

I get to go to Gameworks for my birthday night. (any friends reading this in or near Chicago, drop me a line! You’re invited!) Yes, I turn 31 on May 19. Send me birthday wishes? =D Yes, I’m odd about it. I’m weird. I approach birthdays with both dread and happiness. One year closer to the unknown, but one year more I have lived.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are Anime Central/Acen. Friday Jen and I are cosplaying Femme!Ten for her and “Tooth and Claw” Rose for me. Saturday I am playing Miwako from Paradise Kiss and she is cosplaying Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. I also am on the Final Fantasy MMORPG panel from 7-9 in Salon 1. Come. I’ll pelt gum at you. I will also most definitely be attending the Yoshiki Q&A, I am not a fan of every crazy Japanese band out there, but I really admire and respect Yoshiki and in a bit of a fangirl moment, yay he follows me on Twitter too! Sunday I am cosplaying Luna Lovegood and Jen is portraying her Gryffindor side.

Monday and Tuesday will be spent roaming around the Museum of Science and Industry, which I am unbeLIEVABLY incredibly insanely psyched about, and if all goes well, Tuesday night I will finally be seeing the Cubs and fulfilling a promise I made as a 9 year old to a man who made me learn all about, and love, the Cubs for life. If we do get to go, Elmore, you’re right there with us, and I promise I will try to catch a ball if it comes my way, just like I said I would!

Then I come home Wednesday, unpack, and start cleaning my room that’s been a disaster after school, moving things around, and starting to list things on eBay and look for a job, not to mention working on my taking over the world plan with Annette the Awesome (this is her official title now, even though she doesn’t know it), and hopefully getting my plans for LA taken care of. Not to mention writing my article for Massively about my Gods and Heroes trip, as well as writing more stories for Aerys Sports Soccer 😀

It’s a good thing I love writing, because I have an awful lot of it to do.

In other things, I’ve managed to pare my girly type items (makeup, nail polish) down to over half gone of what I had a year ago, and I have a lot to sell. I need to sell quite a bit (or trade for things that I will use), it’s the same with bath and body stuff… after going on a no buy on January 1, aside from things I have been 100% out of, I have not bought anything new, and found that my drawer and shelf space is increasing at a fairly good clip! It makes me happy. It makes me sad when I need to buy something!

I have lots of blog posts to make… still some NAB reviews…. still all about my trip to Austin.. so many other things. But right now, I keep on keeping on. School went well. I didn’t flunk anything. I improved most of my classes. In July I get my packet to get my work study, so I will have at least one job throughout next semester. I have no idea what comes in 6 months, and while it’s somewhat terrifying, right now, my brain just says “enjoy what you have now. The rest will come”.

So I am… and I’m leaving on a jet plane. Be back in a week!

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“I fell in love — that is the only expression I can think of — at once, and am still at the mercy of words, though sometimes now, knowing a little of their behavior very well, I think I can influence them slightly and have even learned to beat them now and then, which they appear to enjoy.” – Dylan Thomas

(this aptly describes my life at the moment, in the crux of the last few weeks of this semester.)

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NAB Show 2011. I’ve been looking forward to this for months.

Flew in Sunday night, and arrived at Bally’s about 9something or other in my room. (I’m used to Central time, so for my internal clock, add two hours). Cleaned up, unpacked, got stuff dewrinkling, then caught up with my friend until roughly 130 am. Well worth it… realizing I had gotten up that morning at 530 PST… Well, I was tired enough I probably looked drunk walking across the casino floor last night. Came in, set an alarm for “ungodly o’clock” and laid down, but didn’t sleep all the 4 hours or so I had left.

Needless to say, my morning started out way too early. Woke up about 5 am (alarm set for 530), and spent the next 30 minutes in bed dozing off and drooling on my pillow going “unghhhhhhhhhhearlyneedcaffeinerawr”. Got out of bed (my room was cold!! Who forgot to turn on the heat last night!?? oh right, that would be my fault.) and dashed around getting ready. Couldn’t figure out if I wanted to eat breakfast downstairs at Bally’s (while it is a yummy breakfast…) or if I wanted to risk hitting Banner’s at the convention center. Banner’s won, and about 715 I headed down to the monorail and got to NAB proper. Fortunately they were open, I got my usual breakfast (Fruit, Yogurt, Bagel and Cream Cheese, and Caffeine). It was/is delicious and has become a staple of my NAB mornings. Oftentimes (like I am right now) I can sit here and eat my breakfast and work on my blog. It’s very nice and comfortable. Also, I have my tea that I brought from home that has more caffeine than most coffees. Nom nom nom nom nom.

While I was eating I was perusing around Twitter and the intermittently working NAB App, trying to figure out if I wanted to brave the James Cameron Keynote or not. I decided before I came out that if I’m going to be doing active things on Twitter, I need to be.. different to spot. (Aside from my fairly awful fashion sense). So I coordinated my outfits around various hair flowers I have. (Monday was bright orange, Tuesday is Dark Blue.. etc.) More on this with hilarious consequences later. You see all kinds here for dress, but generally if you’re clean and neat, don’t smell icky, and don’t look too scruffy, you’ll be okay.

I saw a tweet from @tysonbanks lookiing completely overwhelmed. My goal here at NAB is to network, meet as many of the NAB twitterati as humanly possible, and job hunt. Of course, to have fun but that’s pretty much a prerequisite as soon as you hit Vegas soil.

So I tweeted back, got a call, and met up. I remember how lost and amazed I felt last year – 80k+ people IS overwhelming! – and I didn’t really want to see the keynote alone, so we traipsed over there.. to see the ENORMOUS serpentine line. How was everyone going to fit in the room? The answer is, rather well – we got amazing seats and proceeded to watch NAB officially kicked off. There were the general welcome to NAB comments, the award to Eddie Fritts (former President of NAB) and then James Cameron.

It was literally all about 3d and how it will revolutionize the industry.

Alright. I have a confession to make.

I CAN’T SEE 3D. Not in art, not in paintings, and ESPECIALLY not on A SCREEN. The notable exception to this has been at the new Warren IMAX near my house in Wichita, KS – that screen is massively huge and I could see some elements for the first time, which is pretty awesome. But this year, NAB is really leaning heavily on 3d – the most notable thing I can remember from the keynote is “Soon we will be shooting everything in 3D and pulling the 2D elements out” – and I just hope that maybe by then they’ll improve 3D to the point where I can see it. (PSST: I am available to beta test a lot of things like that! I’m a willing scapegoat! I don’t eat much and I keep myself clean and entertained!)

The keynote really was amazing, and it was awesome being able to just listen to 2 obviously great minds banter about their passions. People following their passion is something I am always in favor for and will always support.

After the keynote, Tyson and I went our separate ways and I descended into the Pro Audio area. I love audio equipment. I love to play with it, I love to listen to it, it’s all shiny, new… and well, well out of my price range. Sigh. I immediately gravitated to one of my favorite booths from last year – Sennheiser/Neumann. I make no secret I am a huge fangirl, because last year, I finally found a pair of ($300) headphones that I (still) wish I had. This year? Found another pair I wish I had. The 30-35% hearing loss I have in my ears is drastic with better headphones. They make headphones that I cannot HEAR the difference. Basically, with normal headphones, I always feel like I have a piece of cotton on my left side – everything is slightly muted, it’s a bit off the highs and lows. I’ve grown accustomed to it.

However, at a show like this, I naturally gravitate to trying EVERY SHINY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT I CAN PAW GENTLY. Ahem. (I have OCOS- obsessive compuls–OOHSHINY. Explains much).

Back to Sennheiser. Their HD 25-I II headphones this year are “only” $199 and they also have no variance between my two ears. They sound THE SAME. I CAN HEAR THINGS. I undoubtedly will go over there every single day of the show just to listen and drool. They really are gorgeous though, along with the rest of them they have out, and they make great product. They also announced a couple of new mics yesterday and they really are lovely:


No, I’m not being paid for this promotional, but I do accept discounts on equipment @SennheiserUSA. Y’know. Like on headphones. 😀 or Mics….. *drool*

Ahem. Last year when I was here I methodically went through every hall, booth by booth.

My INTENTION yesterday was to do exactly that. This is more what happened.

Keynote > central > south > central > north > central > south > south > central > north > north > central.

I’m not actually sure that with all the exciting things going on this year I’ll be able to go booth by booth, unfortunately. That and I have a lot of interests on my own this year now that I’m more used to the ebb, flow, and layout of NAB. I have noticed this year, like last year, a lot of the presenters are either disinterested or tired of being here. ACTING, PEOPLE! nothing turns me off more in a booth than seeing interested people walk up to be ignored or half heartedly given an answer. Yes, I know having to work is a drag, but try not having a job for ~16 months.. then being asked all the time what kind of work you do. Plus, this is a really neat conference.

(Also. Males…. doesn’t matter what gender I am, I still love equipment, thank you for acting accordingly)

So after the keynote and while I am running around I check compulsively around Twitter.

There’s a group tweeting called Front Porch Digital (@fpdigitalcom) and they have a magician at their booth? And they’re actually tweeting with people and networking? SOLD! I run over to their booth, watch the magician (who was eerily good, really quite scary – magicians freak me out sometimes) and got to meet the actual voice behind the twitter account! We chatted for a while and I picked up my very first pen (please note, exhibitors, if you want a good mention in my blog, HAVE PENS. PEEEENSSSSSS – said like zombies!) Their product was really nice too, I should say, but check them out if you’re here. They’re over in N5806.

After that, I bum around North a bit more and gathered more pens 😀 I see that there’s a tweetup with @NABShow in South Upper, which is about as far away from the North Hall as humanly possible. Oh well, that’s what comfortable shoes are for. So I head up to South Upper and the Post Production Pit, and I got to meet @MitchArno and @KariRippetoe, and have some amazing conversations with them. I really want to be able to sit down at some point before this week is over and talk to them more! (as well as attend every tweetup humanly possible here at NAB). Unfortunately we were the only three at the tweetup… why? I’m not sure! there are tons of people on Twitter at NAB! Not so many companies… which should be rectified. (I have a great plan to merge the video/production portion of NAB with Social Media, stay tuned to this blog for details)

I got some awesome swag – pick of the litter! I always wanted a giant tshirt that’s very comfortable. 😉 Since I was in South, I poked around a bit before hitting up South Lower… man, am I glad I did.

Killer Tracks was here last year – very nice people, great music licensing group, very nice to everyone, bright shiny booth (SL7615). They always have nice bags and neat swag – this year it’s a flash drive that you can wear as a bracelet – probably one of the most unique giveaways I’ve sen on the floor – and as I’m walking by, I see a poster that says “Alex Band! Here at the booth at 2 pm” and literally scream “WHAAAAAAT”.

Long ago, in almost another lifetime, I did Music/Entertainment/Movie/Game promotion.

Loved doing it. Still do. And in this lifetime, we worked with RCA, and I worked with this at that time little known band called “The Calling”.. of which Alex Band was the lead singer. So, we go way back. Circa 2002-2003, which would have probably been the last time I saw them.

Needless to say, I was absolutely floored and thrilled. YAY LIVE MUSIC ON THE NAB SHOW FLOOR! LIVE MUSIC THAT I LOVE! So I furiously rearrange the few plans I have for the rest of

the day and plan to be back at the booth by about 1. And then my phone starts dying. Drained battery in about 4 hours. WOOPS. Reminder: Next year – more phone battery backups.

I forgot to eat lunch yesterday. So insert a glowing review of some local restaurant that simply has the world’s best fish and chips ever. Because that’s what I want for lunch today. mmm. food.

I honestly kind of forget where else I ran around between finding out about the show and going to it. Pretty sure I headed back to Central and went around more on the attempt for more pens.

Oh. I headed back to North Hall to try to find a charging station for my laptop and hit the wifi lounge.

THERE ARE NO OUTLETS IN THE WIFI LOUNGE THIS YEAR. SERIOUSLY WHAT? They had tons last year. The Wifi was – and still is – sketchy, but NO PLUGINS (There’s a bank of them near the vending machines in the middle of Central Hall, though, so that’s where I’ll be going to charge things)

So I made the long trek BACK to South Hall and hit the restroom. Normally I wouldn’t share this, but there’s a hysterical #overheardatNAB story.

I’m washing my hands and checking the makeup, like girls do in the bathroom, and I hear “Hey! You’re that girl from Twitter!”

*blink* “Yeah! you have the flower in your hair”

“Woah! it worked! Who are you?”

And that’s how I met @LeeLeeB, who is a great person and very sweet!


I’ll review the Alex Band show later on today, but right now the floor is open and I’m itching to get out there. See you @NABShow today! And please, stop and say hi to me if you see me! I don’t bite. (much.) And I’ve had my rabies shots. (promise).

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Back in April I attended the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission panel in Hutchinson Kansas. It was absolutely and utterly amazing.

You can read better things about it here:




But I’m pulling out good quotes from the notes I have from the panel, and figured today is as good of a day as any to put them here.

This really was an amazing experience. I was fortunate to be able to go, and have a ton of pictures from it as well. There was a signing which you had to pay a significant sum to be able to do – I definitely didn’t have it, but I ended up purchasing a poster on my way out. As I’m walking through the foyer, someone takes my arm and says “Hi! Are you going to stay for the signing?”

“um.. No, I didn’t have a ticket.”

“well, my wife couldn’t make it, and you have a nice poster, here’s my other ticket.”

I still don’t know who this person was. I don’t remember his name, if he said it. But it was just.. amazing. My poster got signed by so many people, I got to chat a bit with a couple of them (didn’t want to hold up the line too bad…) and it was just like.. wow. Some of these guys have BEEN TO SPACE. LIKE HOLY CRAP REAL SPACE. ZERO GRAVITY.

As a lifelong kid who digs the cosmos.. it was absolutely mind blowing.

from Andrew Chaikin (who is an amazingly awesome author, and gracious and kind to boot):

in introduction: “They would not accept failure”

“These guys were my heroes growing up”

“It really doesn’t get any cooler than this.”

“Apollo 13 deserves to be called NASA’s finest hour”

“Apollo 13 is the story of what’s best of us.”

Guenter Wendt (who passed I believe 2 weeks after this panel): “We had a lot of things to do to get to where we wanted to go.”

Jack Lousma: “I knew the crew needed information and immediate action.”

“This was not a problem referred to in the checklist”

He was asked what he would have done had they not made it. The answer floors me:

“It never entered my mind. We were all focused. There were no other alternatives but being successful.”



Sy Liebergot: “I think we have a slight instrumentation problem.” when the actual event occurred.

“That is probably the greatest understatement in manned spaceflight.”

“No, not once, did we ever think we would lose the crew.”

My brain still, months later, remembers them talking about this, and it’s just amazing to me. They were so singly focused that failing NEVER ENTERED THE LEXICON. AT ALL. I think we all could learn from this.


Chaikin: Had any of you ever conceived a problem of this magnitude?

(Gerry Griffin): Answer was basically no ; however the simulator had a tendency to be brutal. The “Sim Sup was diabolic and could bring us to our knees”

By the time Apollo 13 launched, so much had gone into it, they were “fairly confident that we knew the spacecraft well… never envisioned this massive of a failure.”

400000 people made Apollo 13 happen, 50-100k were helping.


Sy: (no idea on first name) Murray was the worst SimSup. “He would throw a failure in just to see what would happen.”

It came out that the exact problem on 13 was simulated on Apollo 10’s simulators. What happened in the simulation?

“The crew died. We were not ready to deal.” – i think that made a LOT of the people in the arena titter


Gene Kranz: the control team was so methodical. “if we lost comm with the crew we could have been in a heap of trouble.”

“We trained the way we wanted to fly.” – interesting comment


Ed Fendell: “If you ever say you can’t do something again, you will disappear.” (massive applause)

“We were mentored into this world of how they do things.”


Milt Windler: “It doesn’t do any good to think about stuff behind you.” (i need to remember this more apparently..)


Wendt: Mattingly sat in the simulator for 14-20 hours for the battery thing.


Joe Kerwin: It was SO cold in the spacecraft, down in the 40s.

Mattingly was used on the ground because he knew it better than anyone else in the world. Kerwin offered Mattingly Capcom and Mattingly said “No, Kerwin is CapCom for reentry, I’ll sit beside him.”

Kerwin’s the guy that told Apollo 13 crew “We’re going to put together a thing.”

Kranz: Ken asked the questions that I wished I could answer

Ed Fendell: “Duct Tape Can Do Anything.” – sooo true


Chaikin: So many crises, one after another, when did you feel your prayers would be answered?

Kranz: Didn’t celebrate until the recovery team did.

First Crisis: shooting behind the moon.
Second Crisis: System hanging in there (?)
Final Crisis: “Kerwin was the guardian angel”

“If you can’t do anything about it, don’t sweat it.”

Kranz admitted he (and probably others) were scared when the spacecraft entered atmo. Blackout lasted 1min26sec. He was sitting, “was really frightened we went through it all and lost them.”

“When I heard ‘Okay Joe’, we knew we were okay.” (from Swaggert to Kerwin)

The reentry was probably the quietest Mission Control “EVER.”

42 degrees F in the capsule coming in, Wendt: “They kind of froze their butts off” – the entire place erupted in laughter


Chaikin: “Did you ever consider how important you would be in history?”
most of them said no, flat out.
Modules to the space station at that time “never would have dreamed”
“How confident were they? a TEAM of IBM guys came in to write programs” (i believe for the simulator)
Space program today:

Constellation was “unfunded vaporware” – i WISH i knew who said that quote D: maybe Chaikin

Kranz: doesn’t agree; Constellation had to absorb Columbia’s costs.

“Nixon’s statement wrote the epitaph for Apollo; Obama wrote the epitaph for manned space flight.” – Kranz

Constellation was unsustainable because it was never funded at the right level; the space station has never been figured into current costs (ie: amazed it’s lasted this long)

“3 Billion is a pittance compared to losing the leadership position in the world”
“A lot of assumptions are incorrect, it would be money very well spent”

Carrying it over (i believe this was discussing about taxes?) is a solution – $3b a year equals less than 1c on a tax.. (food for thought, i’d rather my tax dollars went to nasa than some fat government head’s pocket)

“The best thing to do is to go back to the moon, learn to live there, then take it to Mars” – Kranz I believe still

Current thought to space travel: “Thoughtless and dismissive attitude”

“What better simulation do we have for going to Mars than going to the Moon?” – Ed Fendell

“What’s going to happen is that no one will say I want to be an astronaut. If we don’t do something, all the knowledge and inertia will be gone.”

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