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I finally started going through some items in storage, and I just kept pulling stuff out going “Really? I still have this? do I need it?”. Anything from old clothes, to some old paperwork that I no longer needed.

Sorry it’s so vague, but I trashed some, recycled others, and yet added more to the boxes to get rid of. And it was a lot of “stuff”.

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To be perfectly truthful, this schedule is condemning even if I am at 100%. But I have no choice. I had to drop my Honors class, but it is for the best, all told.

Tuesday 29: Dr. Appt.
Watch two movies, write two reports – watched one movie. film history
Brit Lit Paper #1 – 45 minutes

Wednesday 30: Classes
Brit Lit Essay #1 work on
KNEA meeting 530pm
write two reports – film history

Thursday 1:
Finish Brit Lit Paper #1 by 6 pm
write 2 reports – film history 6 pm – midnightish

Friday 2:
study for Film History quiz during lunch like normal

Brit Lit #1 DUE (turned in)
4 film reviews, 3
work on: Brit Lit #2 paper

Saturday 3:
Brit Lit Final Exam half done, question 3 done, question 4 started

Sunday 4:
Music Appreciation Quizzes by 11 am done at 9 am
Brit Lit Final Exam question 2 by 1 pm done at 1pm
Brit Lit #2 paper FINISH by 530 pm finished 615pm
watch last 2 movies

Monday 5:
get up early, study for Film Exam
1030am Brit Lit Final class 1030-1230
Film History exam 1 – 3 pm, plus quiz.
2 film review sheets in film history DUE

Tuesday 6:
Brit Lit #2 paper DUE
take Music Appreciation final exams (3) – finish by noon finished 1125
American Lit paper #2 – finish by 6 pm
Study for American Lit Exam – use post it flags to mark sections of book
Study for Film History Quiz (Chapter 5!)

Wednesday 7:
American Lit Paper #2 DUE
American Lit Final 8am – 10am
take History Quiz after American Lit Final (Chapter 5)

Thursday 8:
Music Appreciation Finals due 8 am
sell back all books, collapse accordingly in my tiny pile of money.

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In my life there have been many movies I’ve missed, but the biggest glaring “opening” in my list has been Star Wars.

I remember trying to watch it when I was younger, but it simply just didn’t make sense. And then, in my stubborn ways, I decided I wouldn’t watch it until I had someone to explain it to me.

My boyfriend decided that he would be the one to take on this task. So we watched the… last… three? I don’t even understand the naming scheme, so I’ll just say the older 3. The original 3.

And.. I enjoyed them. I did! It’s an interesting concept. I think the plot has a ton of holes, and I kept having to ask questions, but I enjoyed it.

Kind of.

I want to pop C3PO in the nads. And tell him to shut the fuck up.

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My doctor called me today, and I got some interesting news.

Good news: My actual full blood check came back fine. I am not anemic, all my other levels look good.

Bad/good news: My mono test also came back negative.

Whatever I have isn’t standard mono.

I am on steroids now, and I will be for over 2 weeks total, trying to get my swelling down and help me feel better.

They give me more energy, but it’s fake and it drains me when I realize that when I am ready to tap into my reserve of energy I usually have, it still has not returned.

So, what do I have? I won’t know until Monday the 21st. And then I hope that my visit shows that it is something we know what it is, and can get it out of me, so I can be back to full strength. I am tired of not being at full strength, physically and mentally.

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Homework is always hard. It’s harder when you can’t remember half of your day, and most of what you read right after it.

My boyfriend decided to stay through the entire week to help me out with homework and with life. I’ve always been so independent and it is very difficult for me to admit when I need help.

So even though I am sick, and I am able to go outside, I am still not 100%. I am weak, with moments of even more weakness.

Having someone to watch over me, to help me through things when I can no longer get them through my brain, when I can no longer function on my own… this is an amazing feeling, and it is one that helps show, truly, how someone is in their life.

You can have a long distance relationship, you can talk about hopes and dreams… you can make them happen, but it’s times like this – when someone takes time out of their life, to show you how much you mean to them…

It’s not what you think.

It’s even a greater feeling.

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One of the joys of college – College Health – basic medical visits that are included in a semester fee.

One of the ‘joys’ of not having medical insurance – going to a hospital, filling out forms, and not wanting to know exactly how much my blood draw and tests will cost.

At least needles do not bother me in the slightest.

And I found out I had only lost about 4 lbs.. not 10. So I have been doing some things right.

Am also on steroids, and I do not like them at all. Fake energy is no fun. At least my swellings have gone down a bit.

It feels weird not being able to do things. Not having the energy where I usually had it. I am just… perplexed, really, is the best word for it. I cannot comprehend it, my mind cannot wrap around it.

And.. I miss going to class, and I can’t wait to get back. (I’m WEIRD).

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My boyfriend came up for the weekend and decided to stay with me for the week. His job is wonderful in letting him do this (while he is basically telecommuting). With his help, I am hoping to get through enough schoolwork this week to not have to take incompletes in any/many classes.

It is so hard for me to concentrate on much at all. I really don’t have a lot of energy. It is nice to be able to go out, though. I don’t trust myself to drive, so once a day I have been going on little excursions, with help to and from the car. I feel like a semi-invalid.

For a fairly independent person, having to rely on someone else is a rather new experience.

And I have less and less energy, and I sleep more now. So maybe this damned virus will run its course.

In the meantime, I have someone here to help me through it.

And to get me out into the sunlight once or more a day.

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