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it felt very weird leaving my job today, knowing I won’t go back there. It was a good job. I learned so much, and gained skills that will successfully transfer over to my next one.

But I’ll miss hearing Portuguese every day, I’ll miss the crazy stories, I’ll miss the camaraderie and various other things.

But, it’s also appropriate it’s raining, because rain usually puts me into a better mood.

Right now, though, I’d just like to sleep for a while.

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NaBloPoMo Day 2: 2 days.

I have two days left on my current contract. I really love my job, and have learned so much that will be invaluable for the rest of my life.

But I do admit… I am tired. And having a couple days where I have nothing planned, nothing scheduled, and can just do whatever sounds rather heavenly right now.

Of course, so does sleeping past 7 am.

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I would say I am sorry for not writing here – but I’ve been writing. Some things in life are so very private, and do not need to be put onto the internet.

Sorry, Internet.

I have missed writing here. I realized NaPoBloMo is coming up, and I’ve done that before! What better way to get back into it – let’s see if I can start it again.

Let me do a brief rundown of What You Have Missed by Blog:

1. I’m a mommy. I have a son. He is amazing, 5 months old, and has a very large story. If you’d like to read it – and, unabashedly, vote for him in a contest, please check him out at this link and vote for He-Man!  He is in the 0-6 month section. You can vote once a day until November 1. 🙂

2. I am currently looking for a job here in Austin. I had a job working for EA that I adored and loved (Tech Support for Maxis/EAi), but my contract ran out. I am still looking now. It is something I work on every day. Slightly stressed. -slightly-.  Something good will happen.

3. Taken up more writing, constantly working on trying to get less in my house as life goes on… which is where my new challenges come in.


So, not only am I going to participate in NaBloPoMo, I’m also going to join into the Minimalist Project game. I plan to join with a dear friend of mine who I will link as soon as I can.

Each of my NaBloPoMo posts will be what I am getting rid of that day. Even just a photo if it is a long day. It will be effective in two ways: Getting me posting again, AND keeping me accountable to clean every day.

I’m changing the rules slightly: in the beginning when I only have a few items, I will just have a box, and once it is put into the box, there is no taking it out of the box.


Box box box. Box box.



Also, my favorite holiday is coming up. 😀

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Well, it’s that time again – I start making crazy, off the wall, almost constant blog posts that either ramble, make no sense, or look like they come straight out of a magazine. Yes, it’s NAB Show time.

What’s NAB? National Association of Broadcasters trade show, where almost 100,000 people – mostly geeks, techies, and a few celebrities (it’s where I met Chris Hardwick and saw Stan Lee last year, among others… saw Giovanni Ribisi I believe it was?) descend on the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding hotels. Basically, it’s a week where I get to geek out, do my social media thing, look for a job, and at night, attempt to be a social butterfly and see what happens. So far quite literally I have things going every night I’m out there, and I still haven’t called another friend that I need to yet. Woops. :3

My packing list is rather long and needs to be culled, and I have quite a bit of homework left this week. Unfortunately it looks like I’ll have to do some homework when I’m in Vegas, but there I can quite literally turn off everything and be alone in a huge city with no one to bug me, barely anyone know where I am. (Almost. A few people will…) But sometimes I relish the thought of being set loose in Vegas. I am an adult, and I can do whatever I’d like to do – safely and responsibly, of course. Most of the time I just love to people watch.

Being on a budget is never fun, and my budget this year will be terribly tight. Pretty sure I won’t be doing any shopping aside from food this year, except to buy another nifty NAB Show pen (I lurve mine from last year) if it’s the same style. Oh well. I’ll toss $5 at the giant Bally’s machine because it’s fun to watch the giant dials spin. But I try to plan where I’m going to eat my way through Vegas, so if anyone has suggestions on great Fish and Chips.. or just good fries… let me know, and I’ll give it the treatment! Bonus if it’s not terribly expensive. Or, if anyone reading this (I never know) is someone that works at a place that’d LIKE me to review em, feel free to contact me!

But last year’s NAB is really when I started abusing Twitter, and this year I will be quite a bit more. I’m hoping I can do everything I’ve planned – as honestly there is tons of space I have absolutely nothing planned – and more. But we’ll see. I still haven’t gotten any more bites on interviews or anything, and while this bums me out, it lights a torch under my skirt. I really need a job, and I have a good feeling about this year.

And as Allegiant Air gave me a very great deal – no, quite literally, nonstop flight at decent times out of Wichita + prepaid bags round trip + 6 nights at Bally’s for $620 after all taxes and fees? – and Bally’s still is my favorite hotel on the strip – yeah, it’s not as flashy as Aria was, and it’s not quite as loud, or fancy, but for this mostly countrified city mouse, I know that Bally’s will feel pretty close to home. And their bathtubs are nice and comfy! I am, at heart, someone who’s done enough marketing to know that even a mention here and there could help them make a sale, so I have no problems giving that. (And, if Bally’s sees this and decides to upgrade me, I would write an even more glowing review! Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

So for the next week or so, most of my posts will be about NAB, interspersed with my normal stuff. And usually I wouldn’t feel like I had to list this, but as I realize it more and more, I’m best at being “randomgirl”, which is my old old OLD Xbox gamertag. So, I’d say forgive me for being random, but I revel in being random.

But 6 days, and I’ve barely started packing. Oh dear, I feel like I’m behind already…. and I think I need a bigger suitcase. But at least I’ve got the comfy shoes or a few, my list is made, I’ve got new friends to meet and old ones to reacquaint with this year… and that doesn’t include the people I don’t even know yet.

So welcome to the random and insane world of my blog, if you’re new (which, apparently a few people are). Stay around and talk awhile.

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