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who knew that even with mono i still have my stupid insomnia coming into play?

I get up usually 2-3x a day for bathroom breaks + food + getting water. I won’t get up to just do one thing. Last night when i was coming downstairs from eating, I almost passed out.

the nights get longer and worse for me. I hope tomorrow I can have more help, somehow. I feel like a freak in my own body.

I’ve been napping for 10-20 minute stretches. My cat Nicky keeps cuddling up to me – he knows I feel bad. I have a king size bed and half of it is covered in schoolbooks, pill bottles, I keep snacks within range – I have had no appetite since like Wednesday, but I find that sometimes I unconsciously munch on a cookie if it’s near, for example.

I sleep for a few hours a night, wake up in bone crushing pain, then manage to get back to sleep after crying into whatever stuffed animals I can reach.

all the clothes i wear are non scratchy and all the blankets are super soft. I’m hypersensitive to everything.

this is just me writing to get it out. Not complaining (okay, a little), but it’s more.. having it written, for posterity’s sake. I will hopefully have these days run in a row later on, in a haze. i can’t believe I’ve been on bedrest for 5 days now.

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NaBloPoMo: why am I doing it when I have 11+ papers due before the end of the year? I keep doing it every year – or try to – and it’s something that maybe will help me in not getting writer’s block again (which I had for most of October).

First things first: I didn’t make it into UT-Austin. Which just saves me a semester of out of state tuition. And I know now, so I can start looking for a job (as I’m planning to move sometime in the nebulous area of after December 8). I didn’t make it, and so I just need to spend the $100 or so and apply again next semester. It also means I can start looking for a full time job now.

Positive? I don’t have to pay out of state tuition. And there’s always next semester.


Yesterday was my favorite holiday of the year. And I loved it. We ran a Trunk or Treat with proceeds going to the local County Food Bank. My car was filled with cans and we also had a lot of monetary donations.

However, I kept feeling worse and worse throughout the day, and today I woke up with no voice, with terrible horrible breathing issues, and an overall feeling of “yep, I’m sick”. So I didn’t go into work and I am going to try to get some things accomplished here today. I really want to clean but I have no energy to do so. Most of my energy is spent on breathing right now. So I will hopefully work on my research paper due Friday between naps.

Something I cannot understand is that some people last night got irate that we charged admission for our Trunk or Treat. Hello. It’s a can of food to benefit people that have none, or a dollar per costumed child – also to help those that have no food. Our press release said it, the advertising said it. (if the paper changed our press release, we have no control over that).

If you can’t afford that, then why does your child have a new costume, why do you have a nicer car than mine, etc? I could list a litany of things, but I’ll just sum it up like this:

If you really have such a hard life that you felt calling a 31 year old dressed as Luna Lovegood with no voice, obviously not feeling well, a “dumb slut” over being asked to donate $1 for someone else so they can have food when they might not have it otherwise, I really hope your life becomes better and you are never in a predicament like many people are.

Also: People that try to sneak around the admission line, roadblocks, etc and just go in and grab candy? Same applies. There’s no reason you can’t spend $1 or go buy a can of soup, Spagetti-Os, etc, and go in and collect your candy and go on your merry way. If you don’t want to? That’s not my problem. Go trick or treat in neighborhoods then. If you don’t agree with what we were doing, you can go somewhere else. Being rude to us and threatening to sue for “false advertisement” will only make me get out my wand and say “Reality Comeonus!”

We did a great thing last night and many people will be able to eat because of what we did. That’s what’s important. Not the negativity.

If people are looking for a good thing to do this year, call your local food bank and ask what they need. Instead of going out and eating a meal with the family, go to the grocery store and spend that $20-30 on food and drop it off at the food bank instead.

If people are going to start harping on it being Christmas season already, let’s extend the season of giving to other people instead of “this is what I want for x holiday” or “oh my god this is on sale for 4% off the price, I MUST BUY IT FOR EVERYONE”.

the more you give, the more you get. This is true of so much.

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So even though the Declaration of Independence wasn’t signed until July 6, we celebrate here in the USA on July 4.

I believe that the current modes of celebration are both good and bad.

The great parts – family getting together, partaking in yummy food, great fellowship, amazing fun. I have been up at my friend Quinn’s family near KC for the past day. We got to meet up, run around, had a great time last night, and saw fireworks overlooking the lake. It has been a very good time and completely worth it. I have met some very kind and generous people.

The bad parts – people using it as an excuse to go get drunk, drive, otherwise operate machinery that they shouldn’t, and accidents occur. Not to mention all the fires from unnecessary fireworks, accidents from those, need I go on? This is not the reason for this day. You all know where I’m heading with this.

My family has been in America (on my mom’s side) since 1732 (no folks, seriously. Not Portuguese..) and while I never joined the military, I have a LOT of friends and family that have. I’m rather outspoken about it, and I have a rather.. abrupt opinion of anyone who decides to start ragging on anyone who is a veteran or active duty. While you (and I, sometimes) may not agree with why or what our country does, that does not mean we do not support our fellow humans, our brothers and sisters, our aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, parents, classmates, guy down the street who always seemed a little off after Vietnam, the kid that you remember from 8th grade English who you saw walking one day down the street and… no, that’s true, he’s missing a few fingers.

I cannot understand why humans feel the need to do things like war. I can understand fighting for something bigger than you, for something that is worth it. For this, I thank every military member out there, regardless of branch, regardless of years. You’re doing something I cannot.

So, on this Independence Day, I offer 3 videos. Watch them. Look at them. Listen to them. Think. Think of your actions.. not just today, but every day. Think of how you treat your fellow man. Think of how, instead of hurtful words, how kind actions could change our world. Then, maybe, there would be no need for all the things we cannot make sense of.

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Fan Day 22: Fruit.

I love food. Not even a remote chance of hating it. However, one thing I really, really love is fruit.

Fruit is just so fun to eat. There are so many wide varieties, it plays across your tongue differently, different fruits evoke different emotions.

For example, I can’t think of eating a strawberry without thinking of Kaylee from Firefly eating one.
I can’t eat a banana without thinking of Curious George. (I wish I was kidding. The two are inescapably tied together)

I can’t eat an apple, because I’m allergic to them. >:|

But there’s just something about fruit that makes me happy. And I’m odd – I like most canned fruits better than raw. Peaches and Pears to me are better out of a can. Pineapple? Much better fresh. Mandarin Oranges? better canned.

One thing I really wish I could find? Starfruit. I never see them anymore. I used to buy them and eat them all the time for snacks.

Anyone have any starfruit? Seriously. Can haz?

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Yep. I LOVE Iron Chef. Not because I’d eat a lot of what they make. On the contrary, I wouldn’t be able to eat 99% of what they make.

I love their technique. The crazy prices on the food items they use. The way they make things. The way Chen holds his knife. The way Kobe would make pasta. The way Morimoto makes an insane face. That kind of love. Just the way they make, decorate, serve the food. I’ve learned a lot just by watching!

I watch the reruns over and over and over. I wish it would come out on DVD. (has it? idfk).

I’m not a huge fan of Iron Chef America because the fucking egos on that show are too huge. I adore Alton though, oh so much.

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FAN Day 3 – Cooking

Yep. That’s right. I’m going to talk about food. Namely, cooking. I love to cook. Now, granted, I have no qualms making things out of boxes, and I do it quite often. However, there’s one thing in particular that I really really love to make from scratch.

Pasta sauce.

Roma tomatoes – Roma are low in acid, therefore easier on the stomach and other internal organs, at least for me – cooked down… Either flash frozen or fresh. Or both. Acceptable!

low heat, stirring often, with a variety of spices, and usually I’ll add a can of them to recook down – most of the time I prefer using home canned tomatoes but since I don’t have a lot of those unfortunately I’ll use store bought ones.

Best part is that it can have meat – or not. Depends on your preference. I’ve cooked it both ways.

Pasta of your choice.. this is one thing for me that always comes out of a bag or package. I seemingly don’t have patience / goodness to be able to make it. Sadly.

I like to serve it individually – pasta, then sauce, then meat. Garlic bread on the side and you have a lovely meal. It’s one that I absolutely LOVE to eat, and I LOVE making it for my friends… I really hope they haven’t been lying, but I’ve been told it’s pretty damned good.

I can cook a lot of things, but that’s something I’m a definite FAN of. 😀

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one might watch TV. Like I’m doing now.

Repeats of Iron Chef Japan. Possibly one of my favorite shows ever.

I don’t think I would be able to eat 95% of what they make… but I’ve learned to emulate many techniques of cooking of theirs. And learned SO many terms it’s disgusting.

And I may or may not have run around one night singing “momo momo momo momo” after a bit too much of a Peach Daiquiri. (Momo = peach. It’s really fun to say. Try it. Mo-mo.)

Tonight is a tuna match, wondering why my cats aren’t looking. Probably because we don’t have scratch and sniff TV.

Oh wait, one’s hiding under the table. And watching the TV.

I’m tired, probably overtired. I leave for Vegas in less than 3 days. But I know that if I tried to lie down, I wouldn’t be able to sleep and would probably have more flipping panic attacks over and over again, and I don’t want those.

SO instead I will sit up and watch Iron Chef and just babble a bit here.

Tomorrow (well, today, when this gets published) is Thanksgiving. Two years ago I was working on Thanksgiving. In a grocery store bakery.

Last year at this time, I was in Yucca Valley, CA with my boyfriend and family. I heard coyotes singing, I saw them outside the window and realized that yeah.. I wasn’t walking outside at night out there.

Now, I’m not really a “foodie.” I love food. I love to eat. However, I have SO many different allergies to different foods (apple, pork, lamb, caramel color) so I’ve learned just to read every single label.

But man.. the one thing I think I could make every month and eat every month – TURKEY. deep fried. baked. sliced. DO. NOT. CARE.

I’ve always loved Turkey, but oh man, the one that’s in my fridge right now is going to look soooooo good on my plate tomorrow. I really should have just not eaten today to be more hungry tomorrow. :3

Thanksgiving with my Dad’s side of the family is here tomorrow. We have traditional type things…

but turkey. I could sit down with a giant sheet sized napkin, the roaster, and a carcass for HOURS. picking every single lovely piece of meat I can find out of it.

unf. Just so hungry THINKING about the food tomorrow… mm. food.

Probably a good thing I’m watching Iron Chef now.

And I’ll have visions of dancing turkeys tonight in my dreams.

Happy thanksgiving American friends. 🙂

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