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Why am I still relying on the auto-posting thing? I have no idea, because it doesn’t work. I’m sure it’s something that if I sat here, I could figure out… I just am too flailing with other things in my head, it’s very far down the list.

The rest of this week is dedicated to getting rid of things. A giant load was picked up by my friends on Wednesday, bound for a local shelter as I said previously. As well, I’ve been going through some of my son’s things that he no longer plays with, or needs, and we’re paring down. Going to try to go to the consignment shop again today and see if I can get any more money for a few items I no longer need, and if not, I’ll just donate those as well.

It is a great feeling to get rid of… stuff. I just have too much stuff. I’m kind of dreading the holidays. With a kid, everyone wants to get them… stuff.

As a mostly single parent, I can tell you unequivocally that if you want to make my day, get my son gift cards for Target, grocery stores, book stores… even toy stores. That way, when he IS of the age that he can look through a toy store and want something, we can get it. Or, he can get books he’d like. The other things are just to keep diapers on his clean bum.

Not really sure why gift cards get a bad rap with people. They are actually pretty darned personal, seeing as you’re helping someone with money who may be too proud to ask for it, but really need the help.

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So even though the Declaration of Independence wasn’t signed until July 6, we celebrate here in the USA on July 4.

I believe that the current modes of celebration are both good and bad.

The great parts – family getting together, partaking in yummy food, great fellowship, amazing fun. I have been up at my friend Quinn’s family near KC for the past day. We got to meet up, run around, had a great time last night, and saw fireworks overlooking the lake. It has been a very good time and completely worth it. I have met some very kind and generous people.

The bad parts – people using it as an excuse to go get drunk, drive, otherwise operate machinery that they shouldn’t, and accidents occur. Not to mention all the fires from unnecessary fireworks, accidents from those, need I go on? This is not the reason for this day. You all know where I’m heading with this.

My family has been in America (on my mom’s side) since 1732 (no folks, seriously. Not Portuguese..) and while I never joined the military, I have a LOT of friends and family that have. I’m rather outspoken about it, and I have a rather.. abrupt opinion of anyone who decides to start ragging on anyone who is a veteran or active duty. While you (and I, sometimes) may not agree with why or what our country does, that does not mean we do not support our fellow humans, our brothers and sisters, our aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, parents, classmates, guy down the street who always seemed a little off after Vietnam, the kid that you remember from 8th grade English who you saw walking one day down the street and… no, that’s true, he’s missing a few fingers.

I cannot understand why humans feel the need to do things like war. I can understand fighting for something bigger than you, for something that is worth it. For this, I thank every military member out there, regardless of branch, regardless of years. You’re doing something I cannot.

So, on this Independence Day, I offer 3 videos. Watch them. Look at them. Listen to them. Think. Think of your actions.. not just today, but every day. Think of how you treat your fellow man. Think of how, instead of hurtful words, how kind actions could change our world. Then, maybe, there would be no need for all the things we cannot make sense of.

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This musical needs to be revived.

It’s about people in their ordinary jobs. It gives them a chance to be extraordinary.

I can’t express how much this musical needs to be revived. I win the lottery, I’ll figure out a way for this to happen.

It’s based off of a book called “Working”, by Studs Terkel. Amazing book. I think it should be required reading for everyone.. especially government workers.

It’s my favorite musical. The song I’ve linked below sounds different in the musical version, but it is the essential same song. (most of the YouTube versions, to me, are terrible.) Also, the French verse is just awesome.

If I were given the option to sing one song, on Broadway, to a packed house, it’d be Millwork.

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If all goes to plan, this will go to post as I am waiting in the airport waiting to go to Chicago.

I get to see my friend Jen, who I don’t think I’ve seen in at least 9 years. I get to meet my friend Sarah who I have known for several. I HOPEFULLY will get to meet my friend Drew, his wife, and newborn daughter after… years and years, we’ve known each other via Dave Matthews and Warehouse.

Wednesday night I get to go embarrass myself while playing Rock Band at Jen’s work.

I get to go to Gameworks for my birthday night. (any friends reading this in or near Chicago, drop me a line! You’re invited!) Yes, I turn 31 on May 19. Send me birthday wishes? =D Yes, I’m odd about it. I’m weird. I approach birthdays with both dread and happiness. One year closer to the unknown, but one year more I have lived.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are Anime Central/Acen. Friday Jen and I are cosplaying Femme!Ten for her and “Tooth and Claw” Rose for me. Saturday I am playing Miwako from Paradise Kiss and she is cosplaying Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. I also am on the Final Fantasy MMORPG panel from 7-9 in Salon 1. Come. I’ll pelt gum at you. I will also most definitely be attending the Yoshiki Q&A, I am not a fan of every crazy Japanese band out there, but I really admire and respect Yoshiki and in a bit of a fangirl moment, yay he follows me on Twitter too! Sunday I am cosplaying Luna Lovegood and Jen is portraying her Gryffindor side.

Monday and Tuesday will be spent roaming around the Museum of Science and Industry, which I am unbeLIEVABLY incredibly insanely psyched about, and if all goes well, Tuesday night I will finally be seeing the Cubs and fulfilling a promise I made as a 9 year old to a man who made me learn all about, and love, the Cubs for life. If we do get to go, Elmore, you’re right there with us, and I promise I will try to catch a ball if it comes my way, just like I said I would!

Then I come home Wednesday, unpack, and start cleaning my room that’s been a disaster after school, moving things around, and starting to list things on eBay and look for a job, not to mention working on my taking over the world plan with Annette the Awesome (this is her official title now, even though she doesn’t know it), and hopefully getting my plans for LA taken care of. Not to mention writing my article for Massively about my Gods and Heroes trip, as well as writing more stories for Aerys Sports Soccer 😀

It’s a good thing I love writing, because I have an awful lot of it to do.

In other things, I’ve managed to pare my girly type items (makeup, nail polish) down to over half gone of what I had a year ago, and I have a lot to sell. I need to sell quite a bit (or trade for things that I will use), it’s the same with bath and body stuff… after going on a no buy on January 1, aside from things I have been 100% out of, I have not bought anything new, and found that my drawer and shelf space is increasing at a fairly good clip! It makes me happy. It makes me sad when I need to buy something!

I have lots of blog posts to make… still some NAB reviews…. still all about my trip to Austin.. so many other things. But right now, I keep on keeping on. School went well. I didn’t flunk anything. I improved most of my classes. In July I get my packet to get my work study, so I will have at least one job throughout next semester. I have no idea what comes in 6 months, and while it’s somewhat terrifying, right now, my brain just says “enjoy what you have now. The rest will come”.

So I am… and I’m leaving on a jet plane. Be back in a week!

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I wrote two posts for the3six5, and could only submit one. This is the one that wasn’t submitted. 🙂


I’ve always found waking up in someone else’s bed is a unique experience. Of course, that’s one of many things I don’t actually own. The bed is my parents’, one of the spare ones in my room-spare room-turned my room again. I also don’t own a TV.

It’s odd thinking of the things I actually do own. More makeup and bath things than a girl needs. Five cats, though I still maintain they own me more than I own them. Enough books – no, never enough books – but enough books to start a mini library. Approximately 10000 hours of live recordings, most that have never been listened to, and many the only copy of.

On the flip side, some of my greatest passions aren’t represented by things. Despite my great love for the game of futebol/soccer, I own but two jerseys. I own possibly 3 or 4 books with Portuguese words and phrases, despite me spending the last few months trying to add words to my everyday vocabulary. I don’t own a lot of actual poetry books when it comes down to it (excluding the 8 copies of one certain book).

I live in Kansas. We have no basement, just a crawlspace we stock with Girl Scout Cookies, extra cat food, water, and enough cage space to throw the fuzzies in if the sirens blow. All of this could be blown away in the blink of an eye. My storm bag is packed with as many of my poetry notebooks that I can fit, my favorite copy of Leaves of Grass, and room enough for hard drives and laptops. Most of these things are just that – things that can be replaced. Maybe. Some of them can’t.

But every morning, I wake up, roll over and check the weather on my Kaylee. (Yes, I named my phone). Will this just be a normal spring day in Tornado Alley, watching the clouds and radar intermittently, and going about our day? Or will it be a day that changes my life in some unforeseen way?

Only time and Mother Nature can tell; we always have to be vigilant, lest she smack us when we least expect it.

Hello, sky.

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one might watch TV. Like I’m doing now.

Repeats of Iron Chef Japan. Possibly one of my favorite shows ever.

I don’t think I would be able to eat 95% of what they make… but I’ve learned to emulate many techniques of cooking of theirs. And learned SO many terms it’s disgusting.

And I may or may not have run around one night singing “momo momo momo momo” after a bit too much of a Peach Daiquiri. (Momo = peach. It’s really fun to say. Try it. Mo-mo.)

Tonight is a tuna match, wondering why my cats aren’t looking. Probably because we don’t have scratch and sniff TV.

Oh wait, one’s hiding under the table. And watching the TV.

I’m tired, probably overtired. I leave for Vegas in less than 3 days. But I know that if I tried to lie down, I wouldn’t be able to sleep and would probably have more flipping panic attacks over and over again, and I don’t want those.

SO instead I will sit up and watch Iron Chef and just babble a bit here.

Tomorrow (well, today, when this gets published) is Thanksgiving. Two years ago I was working on Thanksgiving. In a grocery store bakery.

Last year at this time, I was in Yucca Valley, CA with my boyfriend and family. I heard coyotes singing, I saw them outside the window and realized that yeah.. I wasn’t walking outside at night out there.

Now, I’m not really a “foodie.” I love food. I love to eat. However, I have SO many different allergies to different foods (apple, pork, lamb, caramel color) so I’ve learned just to read every single label.

But man.. the one thing I think I could make every month and eat every month – TURKEY. deep fried. baked. sliced. DO. NOT. CARE.

I’ve always loved Turkey, but oh man, the one that’s in my fridge right now is going to look soooooo good on my plate tomorrow. I really should have just not eaten today to be more hungry tomorrow. :3

Thanksgiving with my Dad’s side of the family is here tomorrow. We have traditional type things…

but turkey. I could sit down with a giant sheet sized napkin, the roaster, and a carcass for HOURS. picking every single lovely piece of meat I can find out of it.

unf. Just so hungry THINKING about the food tomorrow… mm. food.

Probably a good thing I’m watching Iron Chef now.

And I’ll have visions of dancing turkeys tonight in my dreams.

Happy thanksgiving American friends. 🙂

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