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… Not really. Topless, that is. I did, however, donate 16 tops (Sweaters, blouses, tshirts, etc) to the Flood victims here in Austin.

At this point, a giant box I have that measured almost 3’x3’x2′ is completely full of clothing and has been donated.

I’m amazed with how much more room is in my closet, how many clothes I got rid of I haven’t worn in the past year, how many no longer fit, and how many I just simply didn’t need anymore.

Great project.

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As part of the recovery effort that I mentioned in my Day 5 Blog Post, I added 15 tank tops that I either didn’t wear, have outgrown, or don’t need anymore, to the box for donation for the flood victims.

I know it’s almost winter, but they can be worn for things like pyjamas or under sweaters and that kind of thing. Anything will help if you have nothing, or so I’ve been informed.

At least I wash all my clothing before I donate it so it’s ready to go outside of the box.

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I think the fact that I’m donating 12 pairs of flannel pants to the flood victims is disturbing. I didn’t count how many I had left.

Really? Do I need THAT MANY FLANNEL PANTS? Apparently I used to think so.

Of course, in 1998, that’s pretty much all I ever wore, because I was a huge Dave Matthews fangirl and well, you dress like the person you fangirl… to an extent. And I thought flannel pants were cool. Well… Plus they’re super comfy. But I also like Yoga pants, now, so.. byebye, a piece of my history, as it were.

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Even though it’s nearing “winter” here in Austin (for me Winter is months of sub-freezing temperatures and usually involve ice and snow), I still donated 8 pairs of shorts to the flood victims.

I can’t wear almost all of them. And it makes me sad because my mom made some of them for me years ago! But I’ve worn them… a…. lot. And they’re still good enough to be worn by someone else. They make comfy pjs. I hope the people that get them like them!

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