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I’m in the process of moving to a city that’s roughly 50 miles away for next semester. I’ll have a much smaller area, and therefore can’t bring/pack everything I’ve grown accustomed to having.

So I am forcing myself to finally start going through the mountains of containers and boxes I have in a storage area here. I have been finding a lot of random things, but the most exciting is a book I was given in 2002. It’s dark green, with the lyrics of a song that I absolutely adore, from someone in my life that still is a major influence (whether he knows it or not).

The cover has autographs of a lot of musicians that I have worked with and whose music has influenced me over the years. I have all 4 members of Vertical Horizon, Angie Aparo, Barry from Carbon Leaf, and Andy from VaCo (with an original saying <3). I have a space on the top of the cover of the book where eventually, hopefully, I will get Dave Matthews or Glen Hansard to sign it. Keep dreaming, I know….

But a long time ago I started writing poetry (as in, 1990 – I was published in 1992 the first time I believe) and I've kept track of a lot of the random poetry I used to scribble here and there in this book.

Then I misplaced it for YEARS. years. So I have poetry scattered half a mile across creation. Every time I open a box with papers I am COMPELLED to check every one of them to make sure I'm not throwing away half a novella I started when I was bored in class. I do find bits and pieces here and there.. originally I was going to keep them all in this book, then I lost the book. Now I found it again. I don’t have much of an excuse anymore, do I?

This is what takes me so long to go through storage and pack. I have a lot of memories, and a lot more written words than I'll ever admit. (at minimum 750 poems just from 2000-2005 alone, not to mention my completed play and the 2 novels I'm working on…)

So I'm constantly on a hunt to try to gather the bits and pieces together and solidify them into the myriads of journals I have lying about.

I should do this more often, but I don’t; I’ll post an original poem that, while I know and remember the particular situation, a lot of it still seems to ring true even almost 10 years later. It’s quite interesting to me to see how something I wrote then applies oh so well to now too.


Last few moments
before I lift away
back to everything familiar

yet not as familiar as
your scent as you
hold me close to your beating heart

I know what I have to do
and that’s let go and walk
on, turning the page

and starting another chapter
in the sketchbook of my life.
So I look in your eyes

one last time, squeeze your hand
and run away silently
turning around for one

last fleeting glimpse I find
you’ve run silently on
swiveling around

not opening my mouth lest
I start bawling.
No goodbyes said

though the chapter may be
done, there is no
“the end”.


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I keep thinking of all these random videos that are songs that are a bit of how I feel right now. I was posting them to Facebook, then I realized they’d be a better post here.

School is over. I did.. reasonably well. a 3.0 at the worst, and some bad grades are better. I didn’t flunk anything, and I survived. I even got an A in a class that I wasn’t sure if I could, so that makes me very happy. (Plus, that teacher won Educator of the Year.. as well he should. He was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life. That list is now 4, not 3 – my 2nd grade teacher, my high school English teacher, my forensics/speech coach from HCC who taught me that it’s okay to overcome my stutter and I really could memorize speeches, and now him.) So, parabéns to him. Very sad I can’t take another class from him next semester, too.

Austin was an amazing trip. I can’t wait to write up another post about it, as well as work on the article for Massively. As well as anything else that might come up.. But that’s another blog post when I’m not so tired.

Chicago is Wednesday. Oh dear.

I promised videos, so here they are. Look up the lyrics if you can’t figure them out… I love being able to be thoroughly cryptic. Thoroughly.

Matt Nathanson – Car Crash

The Frames – Pavement Tune

Angie Aparo – Hush (I was at this show.)

Virginia Coalition – Mason Dixon (I was at this show, too.)

Agents of Good Roots – Come On (Let Your Blood Come Alive)

Carbon Leaf – Under The Wire

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