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I’m suffering through some of the worst writer’s block I’ve had in quite some time, so I’m struggling even now with every word I put on this post. But I need to start pushing myself, I have too much to do.

For Halloween, my Hutchinson Community College KNEA-SP Future Teachers group is holding a trunk or treat. It benefits the Reno County Food Bank and is a donation drive. We’re going to have a car decorating contest, story telling tent, etc. (Press Release will be at the bottom of the post). It’ll be nifty and awesome, if you’re in Central Kansas on Halloween night, grab a can of kid friendly food and head on over. I’ll be manning the admissions table.

Did I mention the costume contest? Yeah. That… Now.. uh.

How do I put this in plain language…

Halloween is my Christmas holiday. I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY SO MUCH IT IS UNBELIEVABLE.

So there’s a nifty costume contest, and by gods, I wanna win.

I’ve narrowed it to two costumes, and I’m having an official vote. Between here and my Facebook page, I’ll be taking votes as to what character in costume I should be. Reminder: I’ll be dressing up even for classes as this character.

My two options are:

Abby Sciuto from NCIS:

I’ve been her a couple times now for Halloween. This was taken at the Wicked touring cast aftershow in Wichita KS Halloween night, 2009.


Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter:

I have since tweaked the outfit – I have a much better fitting uniform underneath the robe, I have fingerless gloves that match the scarf (but it was too damned hot to wear them that day), etc. I have yet to wear this for Halloween and have only worn it once.

So, I ask to all of my digital and otherwise friends: Who do I portray for my favorite holiday of the year?

You can post a comment here or on Facebook. I’ll add them up and announce the winner in a week.


Official press release is below for more information on the event:

Spooky stories, ghoulish goodies, and creepy contests are all in store at the Hutchinson Community College Future Teachers Group Trunk or Treat, located in the small parking lot around Stringer Fine Arts Center on 11th street in Hutchinson. The event is open to the public from 6:30-8:30pm on Halloween night. Admission is a can of kid-friendly food that will be donated to the Reno County Food Bank or $1 per costumed trick or treat participant.

This event includes HCC students holding both a “Trick Your Trunk” car decorating contest as well as the “Mysterious Masquerade” costume contest. Over $50 in prizes will be awarded to First and Second place in both of these contests. A haunted reading tent will be available for spooky storytelling throughout the event. Early Bird prizes will also be available to the first 75 costumed participants. There will be plenty of candy to share. Children under 10 MUST be supervised by an adult chaperone.


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If you’ve heard of the video game “Mirror’s Edge”, you might be familiar with it.

If you’ve heard of a guy named SkyNative, you know who one of the best is.

Back in February/March, a show came on G4 called “Jump City: Seattle.” In it, 16 different traceurs (people that freerun/parkour) are on 4 different teams and they compete for the title. The show was 8 episodes long. I watched every one of them. Multiple times. (I blogged about it here)

It’s now been a shade over 3 months since I wrote that entry. What have I learned?

-Learning how to fall is important. Had I not been practicing falls over these months when I gave myself a concussion in Chicago, I’d have busted my face, glasses, nose, and anything else. Instead, I just gave myself a concussion because I had no way to know the sidewalk was uneven. Had it not been, I’d have rolled out of it fine.
-Running headlong at an inanimate object that might or might not kill you or injure you in some ways is A LOT OF FUN.
-I love wall climbs over things.
-I still can’t run more than a half mile if I’m just running, but if I’m doing Parkour, it’s a lot longer than that.
-Trying to freerun in glasses is just asking for it.
-Right – and I’ve dropped 28 pounds. 😀 (hey, not ashamed. I started doing this to get back into shape. I’m doing it now for both that.. and I LOVE IT.)

I don’t think I can ever do the things they do, but if I can eventually get a back flip down, I’ll be so happy.

Until then, I’ll stick to the lower jumps and rolls.. and figuring the best way to land.

My hope is that when I finally get to visit LA, I get to attend Tempest Freerunning Academy. I really would love to go just to be able to watch in person.. and get some help and advice. (As far as I know, I can’t find any other traceurs around here).

I’d also love to interview anyone from Tempest for The Kitchen Sink… Levi and Luci Romberg are two people that I really admire. (I hate the word idol).

But hey, let’s let freerunning speak for itself.

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Bill Hicks, in my mind, is one of the best comedians to ever grace the Earth’s presence.

I wish I could write about him, but the best thing is just to post video after video after video. He’s got books out, there’s even a movie (a few…)…

He was taken from the earth too soon, he was a genius beyond measure. He was taken by pancreatic cancer at the age of 32.

But I’ll let him speak for himself.

If you like what you hear, go get his cds. Go see the movies/dvds. Listen to what he says… take it to heart.

“I left in love, in laughter, and in truth, and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit.”

“Listen, the next revolution is gonna be a revolution of ideas.”

“We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.”

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There are TV shows that oftentimes are just a blip on a radar for a season or two and move on into the great DVD bargain bins of television history.

Firefly is not one of those.

Now, there’s a lot I could wax philosophical and fangirl about. It’s a Joss Whedon run show. It’s got a stellar cast of incredibly talented (and attractive) actors in it. It was cancelled way before it should have been, achieved a cult following (which is how I learned about it), etc.

But let’s get honest here.


The writing for this show is just so cohesive. All the characters are delineated so well, they are each their own little microcosm, yet they all survive in a beautiful ship called Serenity. Where there is NOTHING. REMOTELY. SERENE. ABOUT. IT.

all the one liners and small soliloquies that come out of it are just so brilliant as well.

Netflix it, rent it, buy it. Just make sure you’ve seen it. Even if you don’t like it – just make sure you’ve seen it. My favorite episode is “Heart of Gold” followed closely by “Our Dear Mrs. Reynolds” and “Shindig”.

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I’m just going to get this out of the way.

This is my doctor and companion.

This picture is my companion and my Doctor.


Now. With that said. I love Doctor Who. I love the idea of a single character manifesting himself in many different ways, experiencing the entire universe, while I never have to leave my chair.

It’s a matter of debate how good this season was – I feel it was incredibly weak. However, as this is a FAN post, and not a slam post, I will stick to the happy.

And that is: Why do I love Nine so much?

I have nothing against any of the Doctors, at all. Nine wasn’t even my first Doctor. But he, for me, embodies what the Doctor IS.

He’s eccentric, he’s completely unpredictable. He instills in you a feeling of wanting to follow him. There is nothing about him that I do not like. He approaches everything with a sharp wit and a keen intellect, a sharper mind than most. He’s willing to take risks to help others without a second thought. He’s caring, and has a bigger heart than most of the other Doctors have. On a shallow note, HIS VOICE.

If he were to show up on my lawn right now and ask if I’d go, I’d just ask to have time to write a note, and I’d be gone.

I adore Nine. He is my Doctor. He is the embodiment of Doctor Who for me. The chemistry between him and Rose was utterly amazing.

Also, how the worlds didn’t implode when Nine and Jack got into trouble together? I don’t know. But… I don’t have to say much more than that. Nine and Jack is probably my favorite “oh gods” duo.

Who’s your favorite and why?

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So I realize now, at 1130pm, is probably not the smartest time to be starting a blog post. But, for the past, oh, three hours or so, I’ve kinda been busy listening to Mother Nature remind me who really rules the roost here in Kansas.

And I am very, very much a fan of all the weather information that is out there for us. I was sitting in our hallway, listening to the weather scanner, keeping track of radar and warnings via computer, and listening to 12.2 (24 hour local weather channel). I was in an indoor hallway away from windows, there was a straight shot to our crawlspace to take cover (they never blew the sirens here, there was no rotation in any clouds seen, just a giant shelf cloud, which indicates massive wind and hail). My laptop was balancing on the cat crate, the cats were all locked up in their cat room (and quiet).

And it hit like a freight train. We never lost power here, but it seriously sounded like an inland hurricane. I’ve been through uh… Gustav (2002), Isabel (2003), a handful in 04, etc. by no means an expert but I’ve been through them. It seriously, seriously tripped me out.

But – thanks to all the spotters out there, modern technology, and me having taken storm spotter courses and studied meteorology for fun… while I may have been freaked out, I was pretty much the safest I could be at the given time, doing exactly what I should have been – staying inside, away from windows, and not going anywhere.

Very, very tired right now. Long day. Still a fan of Weather Information flowing freely.

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Yep. I LOVE Iron Chef. Not because I’d eat a lot of what they make. On the contrary, I wouldn’t be able to eat 99% of what they make.

I love their technique. The crazy prices on the food items they use. The way they make things. The way Chen holds his knife. The way Kobe would make pasta. The way Morimoto makes an insane face. That kind of love. Just the way they make, decorate, serve the food. I’ve learned a lot just by watching!

I watch the reruns over and over and over. I wish it would come out on DVD. (has it? idfk).

I’m not a huge fan of Iron Chef America because the fucking egos on that show are too huge. I adore Alton though, oh so much.

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