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I have been a huge major collector of makeup for many many years. I had more than any one person needs. Over the course of the past few years I have been trying to sell and pare down, but for the hard part my brain, it is something I am very addicted to buying and having.

I finally got kind of tired of having the same swaplist, and I decided to just go whole hog and get rid of all the makeup that I’ve had sitting in a tote.

I managed to sell 29 eyeshadows! TWENTY. NINE. I didn’t make a lot of money, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to pass them along… I still have at least 100. it’ll take me a while to get rid of more. But I’m happy, I got rid of my stash!

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I love lipgloss. A lot. more than any human should. I also collected it for a long while. Fascination with makeup, all that fun stuff. But I’ve been having a lot of “issues” lately trying to get rid of things, and I always tried to sell/trade this kind of stuff for a higher price. I finally decided to let it go.

I sold 28 items worth of lip makeup to friends! Not at a high price, but the satisfaction of getting it gone is well, well worth it. 🙂

I’ll have more to get rid of, too. I kind of got stalled and overwhelmed when sorting. But this is a great start.

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Today’s stuff was definitely more recycling, as there was a lot more paper in the box that I was going through, but I still trashed some older stuff and then put more into the sales boxes. Again, sorry I’m vague, but it really is a push to just finish the month out. I can’t believe how much “crap” I’ve gotten rid of.

I still have more stuff, too. ARGH.

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I went through my drawers.. again.. and pulled 24+ articles of clothing out. Enough to fill up a diaper box full of clothing. So it counts. I am kind of ashamed I haven’t really even tackled my storage room, aside from a brief jaunt. I thought I would have had to dive in it by now.

I guess those will just have to be more entries later on, then. I like the idea of holding myself accountable for what I’m getting rid of.

First day of work tomorrow! I’m excited and nervous, all at the same time.

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I cleaned out my cat food storage and donated 17 cans of wet cat food to PetCo’s food bank donation box. I tend to bulk-buy canned cat food (my cats eat it, for medicine), and I often buy a LOT for a little because of coupons etc, so I donate the rest if the date is getting closer, or I have too many of one flavor (I don’t buy canned cat food with Liver in it because it makes the litterbox smell worse).

Kitties and doggers and all kinds of furred, finned, and feathered deserve love this holiday season too! If you want to donate in your local area, Petco usually has boxes, or you can contact places that you can find on Petfinder. Another great organization that helps out around the country (and that I got my Sheba cat from!) is the Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill animal shelter in Kanab, Utah.

Treat animals this holiday season! 😀

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… Not really. Topless, that is. I did, however, donate 16 tops (Sweaters, blouses, tshirts, etc) to the Flood victims here in Austin.

At this point, a giant box I have that measured almost 3’x3’x2′ is completely full of clothing and has been donated.

I’m amazed with how much more room is in my closet, how many clothes I got rid of I haven’t worn in the past year, how many no longer fit, and how many I just simply didn’t need anymore.

Great project.

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I got on a kick because YAY, I GOT A JOB HURRAY. And since I’ve been cleaning out things.. I realized if I have to conform to a dress code, I’m going to have to spend some money.

But those entries will come later. This entry is all about trash. And I trashed some old makeup, mostly just mascaras and eyeliners that had gotten too hard, crusty, or otherwise gone south.

13 of them. Which should tell you one reason I’m paring down what I have.

It’s great – i really never thought I’d be able to start letting go of this stuff. I was cleaning and sorting and I actually had a panic attack, because I was finally doing it. It’s weird what “stuff” gets a hold of you.

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